I'm such a cheapskate and stuff about Greymatter

So I bought myself an electric trimmer today and cut my hair. No more 15 bucks for Supercuts! Considering it’s my first self-inflicted haircut, it doesn’t look too bad. In truth it’s hard to mess this up, because ever since the Eighties, I’ve had my hair cut real short (between 9 and 12 millimeters.) and now that I’m bald there ain’t too much hair left to cut badly. Maybe in a couple weeks I might follow the trends and go down to 6 millimeters.

So unlike January, this month has been pretty quite for posting. I’ve been pretty busy and I’ve also been thinking of installing a few new things into my log script. I decided to hold off on upgrading to GM1.3 because I’ve customized my own installation of GM so much that I don’t want to give all that work up by upgrading. I have been looking over the code in 1.3 though to see what I can do to transfer over things I need, like better security and modularity, versus things I don’t, like smilies and other such frippery. Hmm. I’ve forked so bad that I don’t think I’ll ever get back into development track with Greymatter.

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