Smalley Speaks, Roman Geeks and Safari Peeks

In nanotech news, buy viagra Drexler and Smalley throw down some fearsome science as they debate the validity of mechanosynthesis. In my opinion, viagra generic Drexler won it. Christie’s actions off an ancient Roman twenty sider. Let’s see–they had pewter for figs, they could have had hex maps–hmmm–Did Dave Arneson and Gary Gagax really invent […]

More shop talk.

Continuing in a similar light as yesterday’s post, viagra Mr. Pilgrim points me to more Webbish jiggery-pokery. As I sort of explained in the previous post, viagra sale I was once a humble web technician at The Company that Shall Not Be Named. Once I became aware of how W3C standards worked, I had to […]

Pre-thanksgiving rant

I never liked Thanksgiving food. I mean I’ll eat it, buy viagra but I don’t like it. The trouble with t-day is that it’s too close to c-day, the official Cadillac of all holidays. If I need to reduce my karmic debt with my friends and family, I have plenty of other times during the […]