The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

Douglas Adams died of a heart attack on Friday, May the 11th. He was 49.

First Joey Ramone and now this. My generation’s icons are getting whacked and it makes me feel old and mortal.

Kinda ticked there wasn’t more press about it in the States, considering how influential he was to nerd subculture. Those who’ve read his work can see the obvious parallels between the Guide (The ultimate PDA.) and the Internet. He was 23 years ahead of his time. Maybe there where others that scooped him but they weren’t nearly as funny.

Of course Marvin wouldn’t be surprised by any of this.

New CSS Rules

I’ve developed some new CSS rules that work better in Mozilla and Netscape 6. I’ve tested them on my staging server but I can’t upload here until baka fixes the Fish Farm.

Hashing Out an Editing Process

Over the past few days, my friend and I have been sending huge mails back and forth to work out a means for him to transfer new site content to me. Hopefully we’ve got the details worked out.

It’s sort of a moot point anyway. The server his site sits in is still partly broken so, I really can’t upload the new content yet.

Why the Brief Hiatus?

Well, primarily I was concerned about getting out of synchronization with a backup server in the Fish Farm. However I am now of the opinion that this fear is unjustified. Baka can just copy things again. Now the entries will continue.

Guerilla Warfare Once Again Thumbs Its Nose at High-tech

I just read a story about a cheap and simple device that can fry the electronics of most of the military’s high-tech weapons systems. At some point, when the US engages in another bout of cruise missile diplomacy, the people who are the targets of this diplomacy will just use this device to fry the missile guidance systems and laugh at us on global television.

I think President Shrub’s plan to revive Reagan’s dubious Star Wars missile defense ought to be reconsidered in this light.

Nerd subculture is no place for wannabes

Speaking as an old school nerd, it’s my opinion that these attempts to attach chic to nerd subculture are unnecessary and a source of needless stress. Perhaps it’s sour grapes and crass elitism on my part but, I dislike these interlopers infiltrating our ranks and attempting to make us cool. Nerds ain’t in it for the cool. We like science because science is beautiful in and of itself. We like computers because they are interesting by themselves not because there’s any money in it or because they’ll somehow turn us into the hip rave DJs or something.

I find it ironic, now that some of us have made a little money doing the stuff we love, that we are suddenly interesting.

Some nerds are fairly lucky to be blessed by an interesting phenotype but a lot of us are chubby, pasty Joes and Josephines with weird hobbies and who are socially inept. This is price paid for high intelligence. If I had a choice between intelligence (and maybe a little wisdom) or beauty, you know which I’d pick. If this dichotomy gives some wannabes trouble so be it. Nerd subculture is no place for wannabes. We’ve had to accept being excluded from the in-crowd and beautiful people during our formative years for millenia so, in all fairness, we reserve the right to spill a little vitriol to keep these new parasites out.

Anyway we’re caterpillars and most of us never turn into butterflies. A lot of us learn to accept this and eventually find another gentle, devastatingly intelligent, high-strung caterpillar to settle down with and perhaps raise a few more caterpillars.


Listening to South African Rhythm Riot (The Indestructible Beat of Soweto Volume 6) right now. Feeling very transcendent. I guess you’d have to be me here now but, I really believe this stuff is the best damn music on the planet currently. If this stuff doesn’t move you, you’re already dead.

This Use of MS Proprietary CSS is Disturbing

Browsing the links to my follow Greymatter users, I can see it because I, like vast hoards of other unwashed users, have IE. I hate to break the news to you young, aspiring page designers but scrollbar-[something]: is not legit CSS. It’s Microsoft proprietary and can lead to much badness if abused. Maybe it might be incorporated into CSS3 but, it isn’t now. Almost certainly the W3C recommendation will not be the same as the Microsoft implementation so, watch out.