Ban the use of tables for layout!

Dotfile brings us, by way of A List Apart, this list of sites that don’t use tables for layout. Farlops Industries has been free of layout tables since late 1998. The ranks of CSS-only page designers are finally growing! Progress is being made comrades!

Web Nouveau also has a more extensive list of sites free of layout tables.

Addendum (6-19-03): Donimo’s list of sites without layout tables mysteriously disappeared many months ago. I have since replaced the link with Meryl’s list, which carries on the tradition.

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Foreshadowings of Nano?

Scientists in Tennessee have genetically engineered microcrobes to function like logic components in computer circuits.

Now if they can just get them to work in colonies with specialized bacteria doing different functions, then we’d be getting somewhere.

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Is civilization speeding up?

I read James Gleick‘s Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything nearly a year ago and today I came across a skeptical review of a book with, in my mind, a similar theme.

Is technical progress accelerating? An odd question to ask in this economic correction. The transhumanists and extropians think so. It is true that are there are more scientists, technicians (craftspeople) and engineers alive now than at any time before the XIX century.

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A Note from One of Our Chief Scientists, Victor Von Doom

This is a public announcement! Do not enter the main factory! Apparently, a misplaced plutonium bolt has mutated serveral termites into giant, man-eating monsters! We repeat, do not enter the main factory building! Our last testing cow came out 30 senconds later with no marrow at all! This has been a public service announcement from Victor Von Doom, representing your friends at Farlops Industries.

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I've decided to remove the karma votes feature

I did this because I was interested in what people have to say about about my entries. If they can just vote them up or down that really doesn’t give me any idea as to why they did so. Also the URLs they pass to the journal script contain ampersands, which is is a no-no if I want to stay strict to standards.

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Having explained two cunning workarounds, the Baka enabled Mr. Farlops to upload new content to the Fish Farm once again. Mr. Farlops finally gets to show the public the fruits of his many hours of testing and labor. Introducing the new table-free, 3 column layout! Thanks to the powers of CSS, this site uses no tables for layout at all.

Sometime by this evening, Mr. Farlops expects the pages generated by the Greymatter script to be made congruent with the new style.

Also, expect new content and layout revisions to The Temple of Mank! In fact we’ve already started!

Additionally, our testing engineers have fixed a bit of link rot as well.

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Remember that Scene in Superman?

Where the crook is climbing the office building with suction cups? Turns out that is not so far fetched. A German company by the name of Gekkomat has invented something like that.

Of course this reprises my post about human limb amplification a month or so ago.

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The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

Douglas Adams died of a heart attack on Friday, May the 11th. He was 49.

First Joey Ramone and now this. My generation’s icons are getting whacked and it makes me feel old and mortal.

Kinda ticked there wasn’t more press about it in the States, considering how influential he was to nerd subculture. Those who’ve read his work can see the obvious parallels between the Guide (The ultimate PDA.) and the Internet. He was 23 years ahead of his time. Maybe there where others that scooped him but they weren’t nearly as funny.

Of course Marvin wouldn’t be surprised by any of this.

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New CSS Rules

I’ve developed some new CSS rules that work better in Mozilla and Netscape 6. I’ve tested them on my staging server but I can’t upload here until baka fixes the Fish Farm.

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Hashing Out an Editing Process

Over the past few days, my friend and I have been sending huge mails back and forth to work out a means for him to transfer new site content to me. Hopefully we’ve got the details worked out.

It’s sort of a moot point anyway. The server his site sits in is still partly broken so, I really can’t upload the new content yet.

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