Undocumented facts about the ACCESSKEY attribute

In my endeavor to make this site a useful place for web developers to visit, I offer some obscure information about the accesskey attribute in XHTML and HTML 4. As I gather more information, I will add to this entry. I may even move it to my developer section.

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The Obligatory Design and Usability Guru Links

Extra power to Jake and Jeff–two well known guys who battle daily for honesty on the Web. But more power still to Vince, one of the oft forgetten pioneers for good Web design. Besides he’s much funnier than the other two.

Making Custom Bookmark Icons for Your Site

I’ve set things so that I have a customized icon if people decide to add this site there favorites list in IE 5+. I don’t think this will work in IE 5 for the Mac but, let me know if it does. What’s a customized favorites icon?

Added (June 12th, 2001): I’ve discovered that this icon idea also works if a visitor bookmarks my site in Konqueror too. So the trick is becoming more cross-platform.

There is also free Java tool that can help you design and build your icons for your sites.

Little Tiny Print Sucks

This is all Microsoft’s fault. IE 3 had terrible implementation of CSS and could only support absolute font units like point (pt). Legions of web designers quickly began cranking out zillions of pages that were, and sometimes still are, damn near impossible to read. Here it is nearly 5 years later and the Web is still suffering from this.

I promise never to do that here. Geezers like me need things to be ergonomic, right?

Mad Scientists Take Note

Memepool is a great source for obscure, interesting and useful pages on a wide array of subects. The gadget section and the science section ought to be required reading for any MIT hopeful.

Turning a computer into a DVR

My urges to abolish any form of push marketing in my life compel me to investigate digital video recorders. But then my urges to only spend my money on real hardware compel me to investigate software that will convert a computer into a digital video recorder.

Things Every Superhero Should Know

How do you build a superhero base?

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This Script is Now Live

Mr. Farlops is pleased! This web log is now fully operational. The mind boggles!

But how about you? Is this web log hard to navigate? How is the layout of the navigational links? Is it intuitive? Is it cumbersome? Do you miss the old bulletin board, even though none of us have used it form months?

Please, let me know what you think of this new script doodad.

By the way, I highly recommend the Greymatter script. If you like open-source, fully tweakable perl that does useful stuff, this is it. Why use Blogger (It’s only a matter of time before someone like Yahoo or MSN buys ’em and they start blaring ads at us.) when you can do it yourself on your own server?

What’s New?

Plans in the Melt

Bulletin board is now retired and all links to it are certain to be dead. In coming days, we will replace this page with a Web log. Once this is in place and functioning smoothly, attention shall return to the Farlopsian Rogues Gallery.

What’s Happened so Far?

  • Extensive revisions to the The Temple of Mank, relocation of main plant to a secret location in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, financial reorganizations and other factors contribute to stasis of our site for nearly three months. The decision is made to retire the script that builds this site’s bulletin board and replace it with a more sophisticated solution: Greymatter. Greymatter is an open-source Web log written in perl and Mr. Farlops was very impressed with it’s design. Once this new script is installed, we shall replace the current root page of this site with a new one that uses Greymatter. We’ll keep you posted.
    Saturday, March 17, 2001 10:02:57 AM
  • The new year ushers in the creation of The Temple of Mank–new home of Shaw’s Outline of Ancient History. Minor link corrections throughout this site to point to the Temple of Mank. Minor editing to some of my rants.
    Friday, January 05, 2001 12:12:11 AM
  • Events from last year.

The Glory that Was Meroë

1668 BCE: Freed from Egyptian domination, two Nubian kingdoms
unify into one state, known to the Egyptians as Kush, with its
capitol at Kerma. Currently Egypt is in decline and is ruled by
foreign invaders: the Hyksos.

1700-1400 BCE: Minoan culture reaches its apex.

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