The Glory that Was Meroë

1668 BCE: Freed from Egyptian domination, buy viagra two Nubian kingdoms unify into one state, known to the Egyptians as Kush, with its capitol at Kerma. Currently Egypt is in decline and is ruled by foreign invaders: the Hyksos. 1700-1400 BCE: Minoan culture reaches its apex. Circa 1570 BCE: Ahmose I founds the Eighteenth Dynasty […]

Alternate, Alternate Histories

I’m tired of what-if stories about the Second World War and the Civil War. Those are allohistories that have been fictionally done to death. I’d like to see something different. I graduated from university with a degree in history. I did three years of physics, viagra astronomy and mathematics but, in the end, I was […]

My Hopeless Love Affair with Mathematics

Or why, best viagra after many years, generic cialis I still can’t get over the fact I flunked complex variable analysis I’ve got something to prove. It probably all started many years ago when, as a small child in grade school, I was deeply envious of my best friend’s ease with arithmetic. I wanted that […]