Nasty, Gluey Chest Cold

So since the weekend, best cialis I got hit with a chest cold, viagra canada which I’m pretty sure I caught either from my board gaming friends or a grocery store clerk Wednesday last week. It didn’t manifest in full force until the weekend–anyway, tedious aches and pains, dripping nose and phlegm-pire spewage–a constant reminder […]

Particle Accelerators Around Black Holes?

Are extraterrestrial civilizations building particle accelerators around black holes, and can we detect their use? Astrophysicist Brian Lacki at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study speculates that we may actually ask and answer such questions. He proposes that if such accelerators are operating they will generate extremely high energy neutrinos. These neutrinos would have energies […]

Accidents Don’t Happen

Actually this is another test post to see if this Facebook mirroring nonsense works. Autopublish works just fine with Diaspora*. However the Facebook plugin documentation wasn’t entirely clear so, cialis canada I forgot a step in getting things to mirror on Facebook. If all goes well, discount viagra this should appear in FB. This kind […]