If you must use IE–

If you must use Internet Explorer, cialis please, tadalafil please, please, turn off all scripting, Java and ActiveX support. Learning how to restrict security in Internet Explorer is easy. Once you turn off all JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX and Java support, 99% of all worms, trojans, phishing schemes and other parasites that rely on Internet Explorer […]

A justification to learn new stuff

So in relation to my earlier post about XHTML, viagra generic yesterday I was reading what Jacques Distler had to offer for justifications for serving XHTML as application/xhtml+xml. But it’s easy for him–many of his entries serve up MathML. Unlike him, cialis usa I am only humble ex-physics major but, I’ll use any excuse to […]

Back to HTML 4

Nearly three years ago I converted all the markup on this site from strict HTML 4 to strict XHTML 1. Fairly soon after this, buy viagra I discovered that, to be kosher, I had serve this with the MIME format set to “application/xhtml-xml.” For a long time I ignored this, noting that I could get […]