Where to Get the Nano News

One or two members of my very tiny audience might wonder where I get my news links about nanotechnology and MEMS. I get the latest from Nanodot (which itself compiles from other sources.) and sometimes I supplement with stuff from the BBC, cialis usa Nature, Science, Wired and the usual suspects. I recommend Nanodot if […]

Neat Stuff

Here are two reasons why my decision to finally get DSL was a good thing: Giant Robot Wallace and Gromit take to the Web Another article on limb amplification. Part of a series. I don’t know how to drive but if they offered these on the public market, viagra I’d buy one! Mathematician who is […]

More Game Theory

Some interesting game links this month: The Settlers of Catan, cialis buy a game which I’ve never played, apparently has inspired this bit of mathematical analysis about avoiding agressive moves early in the game. Nature magazine published an article about game theoretical analysis of retribution and cooperation in political and economic systems. Life’s a game […]

The Economics of the Internet

Jake repeats his claim that micropayments are the way to go however, tadalafil Adam Barr disagrees. Cory Doctrow writes an enthusiastic screed (Perhaps in stark denial to what’s happened in the last two years.) about how the Internet is going to revolutionize everything. [Sigh.] Same ol’ same old. Nothing to see here folks, cialis generic […]