A Set of Explanations

Hello, my name is Pace Arko.

I was born near here around nine o’clock at night in August of 1963. My mother said I was nearly a month late and a little allergic but, aside from that, there were no auspices, no ill omens. Now I live somewhere on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington and have done, in various locations, since 1975. Below is a photo of what I currently look like.

A photo of Pace Arko in early afternoon of March 22, 2010

A mugshot of the party responsible

Since at least my teens, my politics and philosophical views have been left of center, have been atheist and have been pragmatically skeptical. I’ve always loved science. I’m a very nerdy, risk averse person who has been waiting impatiently for the future to get here since 1987. I am childless and have no plans to be seeing as this rock has far too many people on it. I’ve never been married but I am taken. It often bothers me that my cultural legacy will never be very large. But aside from that, I laugh a lot–maybe too much.

I’ve been working formally in information technology in one form or another since July of 1996. At the moment I’m currently semi-unemployed, have worked here, here and here in data entry and webmastery, web site design and assistive technology support. I say “semi-unemployed” as I’m still getting paid for webmastery and technical support for a number of small businesses.

This is my personal website which has been on the Web since 1999. It’s been through several content management systems, starting with Greymatter, then MovableType and now, as you can probably see somewhere on this page, WordPress.