Proprietary formats stink

Chris Phillips over at Curb Cut Learning has a rant, cialis buy which I agree with, viagra usa that HTML is better than PDF for accessibility. In fact, I go further than he does, HTML is already good enough for most people. Maybe professional printing houses still need PDF or MSWord but John Public, who […]

Plucky little space robots

In contrast to yesterday’s entry, cialis let’s mention the Cassini space probe. The Cassini-Huygens Mission is already returning great data from Saturn and its moons and in a few days will assume parking orbit for four years worth of exploring! Let’s imagine the expense of sending humans to do something like this. Staggering, eh? Robots […]

Why I am not impressed with SpaceShipOne

Short Answer: It’s only suborbital. It’s just an exotic, viagra buy jet-powered joyride for rich people. Long answer: Look, best cialis if purely private funding built something like a space elevator, then I’d be impressed, then I’d say NASA, ESA and the RKA need to close up shop. But that’s not gonna happen. Even if […]

The End of Work?

We’ve all seen it. These processes have been facts of life ever since the Industrial Revolution began. One could argue that it all started with agriculture and domestication. We were doomed as soon as we developed language and harnessed fire. It happens over and over again. Some group of bright sparks somewhere invents processes to, […]