Global Trade Negotiations Need to Be Democratized

My first inclination is to support trade because, cialis sales ideally, it ties nations together peacefully and helps the economies of all nations involved.  I support trade because, ideally, I think it’s a path toward that utopian ideal where nationalism and ethnic hatred fades and democratic cosmopolitanism prevails. However, way back in November of 1999, […]

A Neurochemical Con Job?

This strange but hopefully reassuring essay was prompted by an exchange with a friend via the shallow artificiality of Facebook. I guess it could have been worse; it could have been prompted by the shallow artificiality of Twitter or some other part of the Internet.  Anyway, afterwards, I felt the need to explain a few […]

My Most New Wave of T-Shirts

Long ages of the Earth ago, cialis canada in 1982, viagra sales when I was 19, my mother bought me a t-shirt for my birthday (Or was it Christmas?) that had this single panel illustration on it as a sort of a parody of Mary Worth or something: Only, in that oh-so-eighties-style, the lines were […]

What Bernie Sanders Means to Me

This started off on Sunday the 17th of March, viagra canada after my attendance, viagra as a Bernie Sanders delegate, of the 43rd Legislative District Caucus of the Democratic Party.  This meeting was to accomplish many things, the chief of which was the election of delegates who’d then move onto county, congressional district and state […]