Feynmanesque News

This just in: At Edinburgh, viagra sale researchers build light triggered molecules that can shuttle comparatively huge objects around on a surface. Harvard scientists have convinced algae to carry microscopic loads over comparatively large distances. In Zurich, still other researchers build a microscopic robot so small it can fit within the needle of a syringe. […]

Gaming conventions

At the behest and cajolery of various friends, viagra sales I’ve been attending the Dragonflight gaming convention these last few years and, cialis sale I plan to go again tomorrow afternoon. I’ve playing RPGs for many years, ever since discovering them back in high school back in 1978 but, I’ve been pretty closeted about it. […]

Problems with print media style

My redesign continues as I merge some of the very detailed usability suggestions given to me by Greg Lowney. In the process of exploring these issues, discount cialis he discovered some major problems with the way Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer handle printed media stylesheets. His argument was that sometimes users want to print the […]

Creationism and Artificial Life

I find it ironic that the revival of creationism that I spoke of earlier is taking place during a decade where research into artificial life is making enormous strides. Now I’ve been following developments in artificial life ever since reading about it in Steven Levy’s book and I’ve spoken about artificial life many, viagra usa […]