The Yin and the Yang

By the way, discount viagra check out Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into Accessibility to learn various simple methods to make your site accessible. Another screed I posted at Nanodot some months back. Will we better as gods than as mortals? The evidence, best viagra based on the history of our increasing powers over these past million […]

Transcending the Shallowness

This is another little mini-essay that I’ve culled from my posts at Nanodot. Now that the future is here, buy viagra if not quite manifestly obvious, buy viagra should we even waste our time with human desires anymore? That is a question technically savvy people need ask themselves. (Yes, I know that’s grammatically incorrect but […]

The Vanguard of Cultural Evolution

A week or so ago, cialis usa I wrote an interesting reply to a post at Nanodot about the persistence of the geek factor throughout human history and prehistory. I liked it so much I’ve decided to reproduce and amplify it here so as to produce some of my own content. If I may speculate […]

XHTML looks terrible in WebTV

All the sites I’ve built look terrible in WebTV. At least I know it’s WebTV’s fault. If everything I make validates as strict XHTML and CSS, best viagra then it’s not my fault. Today is a pretty slow day. Yesterday I just sent out a mail to my friends and co-workers to do a little […]