Software makes all game rules transparent

One of the nice things about including the subject of games on this site is, viagra usa when I’m at a loss in other subjects, cialis sale I can always rant about gaming pilpul and hairsplitting. Anyway, one of the endless unsettled disputes among role-playing gamers is the subject of realistic rules versus easy rules. […]

I’m waiting for this shoe to drop

In the light of yesterday’s post, cialis generic I wondered about progress in attempts to combine microelectromechanical systems and scanning probe microscopy. I looked in this direction because I had learned that it took the team at Rice eight years to figure out ways to reliably make their little bucky-wheeled chassis with conventional chemistry. They […]

Nanoscopic News

A team at Rice University builds a nanoscopic car chassis out of buckyballs and nanotubes. They claim the wheels roll but, generic viagra some are skeptical. Over at the Georgia Institute of Technology, discount viagra they hope to domesticate microbes and coax them into building complex circuit elements and other microscopic structures for us more […]