Zip the commercials!

Advertising is everywhere these days. It’s becoming like that Pohl and Kornbluth story, generic viagra where advertising was even on the wallpaper and toilet paper. I think it’s gone far enough. I think people should be allowed to pay more for no advertising at all. Think about it. You pay for cable right? Wouldn’t you […]

Background for Chumbe Bandia

What is the Industrial States Trust? In Chumbe Bandia, viagra sale the Industrial States Trust, or simply, IT, is the name of an alliance of economically powerful and highly technological countries who, before the war, ruled the global economy. Most of the world’s multinational corporations had their head offices in these countries. Their sphere of […]

Chumbe Bandia

“Entry 64 “Things are quiet now and I have a few to jot a note in my diary before before they send us to Prep. Warden Mausa says it’s another sample mission?just routine. That’s a patent lie though. If these things were routine, tadalafil they wouldn’t send political prisoners to do them. “Like I said […]

What I Have to Say About Music

Or, viagra sales how a young man was warped by endless exposure to college radio When I was a kid I really couldn’t make up my mind about music. Like a lot of kids, viagra generic I was a knee-jerk nonconformist and as such couldn’t possibly mellow out enough to admit that I liked the […]