The Marinara Chant

Lots of nerds have their own version of the Mentat Chant. Here is mine: It is by pasta alone I set my mind in motion.It is by the paste of tomato thatthe thoughts acquire speed, discount cialis the lips acquire stain,the stain becomes a warning.It is by pasta alone I set my mind in motion.

Protein Engineering Begins

Researchers have managed to coax bacteria into building proteins out of amino acids other than the 20 used by all Earth organisms. One of the many things they hope to learn is why those 20, viagra buy out of the many others chemically possible, emerged from natural selection. Protein engineering is also one of the […]

Smart Dust and Paranoia

How’s this for a science fiction short story? What if the mass deployment of smart dust by various concerns leads to the discovery of unexpected data? What if in investigating the source of this mysterious data, best cialis researchers discover that the Earth’s biosphere is already infiltrated by smart dust of unknown origin?

Artificial Intelligence and Commodities Trading

This was a news item I missed when I was at the Robotics/AI conference a week or so ago but, discount viagra IBM has built AI programs that are apparently better than humans at commodities trading. One could make the argument that, cialis canada as financial expert systems and computer models of the economy improve, […]