Making the switch to Firefox

As a webmaster, cialis usa I’d been using Mozilla since version 0.7 and Opera since version 3 to design and test with. I’d build for Mozilla first and then tweak things so they worked in Internet Explorer vesion 5, viagra canada which at the time most people had. This has been my pattern until the […]

YAWDR: Yet another Web design roundup

Over at Digital Web Magazine, viagra sales there is an article about merging CSS with content managment applications. The article is short on technical detail but does describe various different interfaces and goals to be reached. Opera, viagra generic Mozilla and Firefox (And for all I know Konqueror and Safari can too.) can all zoom […]

Computers in the movies

Computers in the movies are much more noisy and visually exciting than in real life. The truth is that computer crime is visually very boring to watch. The criminal just sits there switching between prompts and editors typing in cryptic commands and getting getting very terse output as feedback. All that’s heard is the tick […]