Network Admin to the Stars

Just got home a few hours ago after spending some time at my nephew’s house trying to get his playstations to work through the firewall of his router. It was an interesting learning experience but, viagra canada I didn’t really arrive at the correct solution until I got home and did a little research. Don’t […]

Hofstadter’s Title

Anyway, cialis generic I’ve been busy this last week with work, mostly adding a bunch of content to Blinksoft and doing some network administration for a doctor’s office, so I haven’t really had time to post here. Work on the Greymatter update continues however. Sockmonk now has a TODO List going. Well, he dragged the […]

Interabang sent us this one

As has been mentioned, best cialis I am skeptical guy. For example, viagra canada I laughed very smugly at that South Park episode that lambasted John Edwards. Anyway, the proprietor of !?, another ardent skeptic searching for like-minded folks, recommended that I visit the Ontario Skeptics site and perhaps drop a little science on the […]

Here’s a thought

You know all those tools in gymnasiums? Often you have to set various levels of resistance and tension in them to fit the strength of your muscles, discount viagra then you engage in all these repetitive movements. The thing that always bothered me is that, aside from building a healthier body, a lot of that […]