Hofstadter's Title

Anyway, I’ve been busy this last week with work, mostly adding a bunch of content to Blinksoft and doing some network administration for a doctor’s office, so I haven’t really had time to post here.

Work on the Greymatter update continues however. Sockmonk now has a TODO List going.

Well, he dragged the rest of us kicking and screaming into his little adventure, but George finally got the war he wanted, that he has wanted since before he was president. Luckily we’ve got someone to double check the ‘Gon’s assessments of collateral damage. I guess I am mostly worried about what’s going to happen after it’s over. I am skeptical that the US really has the will and commitment to build a stable and democratic Iraq. It will take us years, infinite patience and lots of money. I also hope that rational heads will prevail and repair the rifts with our allies and the UN. Jingoism aside, we simply cannot afford to go it alone or to be the world’s pariah. This was the main thing that ticked me off about George’s handling of this whole affair, the fact that he alienated our allies and the UN.

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