I still hate Flash objects

Look, viagra I ain’t saying they ain’t beautiful and fun but every single time they break my back button, I utter a vile oath. Macromedia is trying to make Flash more accessible but they still have a long way to go. Until then there shall be none on my site. If that makes me a […]

Nerd subculture is no place for wannabes

Speaking as an old school nerd, buy viagra it’s my opinion that these attempts to attach chic to nerd subculture are unnecessary and a source of needless stress. Perhaps it’s sour grapes and crass elitism on my part but, I dislike these interlopers infiltrating our ranks and attempting to make us cool. Nerds ain’t in […]


Listening to South African Rhythm Riot (The Indestructible Beat of Soweto Volume 6) right now. Feeling very transcendent. I guess you’d have to be me here now but, best cialis I really believe this stuff is the best damn music on the planet currently. If this stuff doesn’t move you, you’re already dead.