We are in the XXI century!

So I am writing code at 4 in the morning, viagra sales listening to KEXP (which I’ve already mentioned and linked to elsewhere in my site. Go look for it Sam!), and I hear something that makes absolutely plain that the XXI century is upon me: I hear an MC mention nanotechnology in his rant. […]

Computers and paper-based RPGs

As I’ve been playing NWN over these last few months (I’ve owned a copy since mid-summer of 2002.), viagra usa I’ve been thinking of ways to tie it into paper RPGs. Simple examples of this would be a tool that exports a snapshot of a NWN character into an XHTML document for printing and use […]

Bad Mojo for Internet Explorer

I just read on Slash today how a piece of valid markup can crash Windows Internet Explorer 4 and later. This includes many applications that use Trident, cialis a dynamic link library that is the markup rendering component of IE–this means Outlook, best cialis Outlook Express and perhaps other Office components. Bad, bad bug! Here […]

The music of computer games

It occurred to me last night, generic viagra as I was playing NWN with some friends, that the background music of computer games has improved a great deal over the last 15 years. No more tinny, grating MIDI files being played on very simple sound cards. I sometimes wonder if the music of Age of […]