Robots and Page Design

MEMS are miniature (centimeter sized) or microscopic (micron sized) robots and machines. MEMS technology can also be thought of as proto-nanotech because many of the control and software issues faced by MEMS engineers are very similar to those that will be faced by nanotech engineers. Browsing Memepool, viagra I came across these rather interesting robots […]

Is civilization speeding up?

I read James Gleick‘s Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything nearly a year ago and today I came across a skeptical review of a book with, cialis sales in my mind, a similar theme. Is technical progress accelerating? An odd question to ask in this economic correction. The transhumanists and extropians think so. It […]

A Note from One of Our Chief Scientists, Victor Von Doom

This is a public announcement! Do not enter the main factory! Apparently, viagra sale a misplaced plutonium bolt has mutated serveral termites into giant, man-eating monsters! We repeat, do not enter the main factory building! Our last testing cow came out 30 senconds later with no marrow at all! This has been a public service […]