Take back the Web!

Or at least the dot-org part of it. Over last 5 or so years, cialis canada ICANN has allowed, without any struggle, the Domain Name System to be dominated by large corporations who use it to enforce, some would say in a repressive manner, trademark and intellectual property. To counter this trend, two non-profit organizations […]

Africa, Big Buildings, High Speed Trains, Robot Ears and Eyes

Two of the staples of cyberpunk are gleaming superbuildings and crushing inner-city poverty. I just read an article about information technology in Ghana that just oozed cyberpunk. Amtrak must die? Sure but, viagra let’s start thinking seriously about real high-speed rail in this country. And I don’t mean wasting time on nonsense like maglev. I […]

Mark Pilgrim Continues to Drop Science

I know I cited his pages a few days ago but, viagra canada it just keeps getting better. I feel like an idiot. Mr. Pilgrim is writing about the gritty aspects of improving web accessibility much better than I ever could. Please, generic viagra go an read his essays about web accessibility and improving the […]

Molding Chips, Surprising Cybernetics and New Drugs for Nerds

Fearing for its life, viagra generic a robot escapes the tumult of an artificial ecosystem. Or that’s one way of interpreting something that probably was an accident. Research develops a method that may shrink silicon chip features a hundred fold by eliminating the need for photolithography. More powered exoskeletons–a Finnish, six-legged tree harvesting machine! This […]

Happy Fishbowls, Snow Crystals and Fame

Remember when Sony sold that infrared camera that rendered some clothing transparent? Well, best viagra it turns out that government is working on cameras and sensing technology, discount viagra using light in the terahertz range, just below infrared, that also renders clothing transparent. If you’re like me, you’re always on the look out for scientifically […]