Flakey theological speculations

Let’s suppose there is an afterlife. I don’t believe there is one, discount viagra but let’s just suppose there is. Why do most people automatically assume this means something? What if we die and and are reborn into a world that is just as confusing and meaningless and trivial as this one? What if we […]

Accessible since 1998

It’s gratifying to see web designers getting organized about accessibility–gives me a sense of vindication. I discovered accessible web design when a friend hired me to do the Microsoft Accessibility Site back in 1997. In 1998, viagra I discovered the work of Zeldman and the WaSP. At that point, browser support for W3C standards was […]

Great Progress in Dentistry

From research to therapy in four years! That’s what I call progress comrades! I mentioned some research a few years back about growing teeth from stem cells well now there’s a private company in the UK that’s trying to develop therapy based on these techniques. Today teeth, tadalafil tomorrow livers, hearts, lungs, eyes, tendons, etc. […]

Transhumanism on the Left

I was never really happy with the politics of some of the prominent people in transhumanism (In short, viagra sale I am not a Libertarian.), cialis sales but now there appears to be a new ideological stripe emerging in the movement thanks, in part, to James Hughes. I guess the only problem I have with […]

Comments on my district caucus

Yesterday I spent 9 hours in a crowded, viagra hot, school gymnasium for my district’s Democratic Party Caucus. It was very rewarding, inspiring and pleasantly exhausting and, it renewed my faith in the system. The turn out was enormous–nearly three times what they were expecting! Apparently people on the left are so ticked off by […]