Accessible since 1998

It’s gratifying to see web designers getting organized about accessibility–gives me a sense of vindication. I discovered accessible web design when a friend hired me to do the Microsoft Accessibility Site back in 1997. In 1998, I discovered the work of Zeldman and the WaSP. At that point, browser support for W3C standards was poor, but I saw where the future was going. Every site I’ve built since going indy in 2000 has been accessible and standards compliant.

  • In other Webbish matters, Simon Willison has some interesting comments on the DOM.
  • I don’t have RSS or Atom feeds here but I do agree that autodiscovery is a better way of deploying such markup.
  • There is a big stink among users of Movable Type these days because of changes in the licensing of the code. I merely shake my head, being that I use Greymatter and an old, heavily tweaked version of Greymatter at that.
  • I link to these things merely for my own edification.
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