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A week with the Gutsy Gibbon

So I upgraded to Ubuntu 7.1 last weekend. Things went very smoothly. Prior to this, System76 sent out some upgrades for their hardware drivers, perhaps in anticipation of everyone migrating to 7.1. There was really only one hitch. My screen … Continue reading

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Circus of the Mighty Session Log

Victor, Greg, Ralph and Ian in attendance. 9-23-2007 around 5PM until about 9:30PM. However what follows is really a summary of two sessions: To recap briefly: The Circus is in Darth Lom, driven there primarily by Thalin’s vague but powerful … Continue reading

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Goodbye Lola.

In early August my cat, Lola, was diagnosed with failing kidneys. The vet put her on a special diet, subcutaneous hydration and prescribe various medicines but the prognosis wasn’t good. It was mostly wait and see. She was old, over … Continue reading

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