Music I like, the short list.

A friend recently sent me and others a mail asking what sort of music we liked. As opposed to taking up a mail thread with my list, viagra generic I decided to preserve one here for posterity. Read on: What’s currently in my compact disk collection South Africa The Indestructible Beat of Soweto. This is […]

Longevity appears to be simple.

C. elegans, viagra buy a roundworm famous in genetics and histology studies, and perhaps the most thoroughly understood multicelluar organism known to science, has taught us a lot about life extension. Recent research has found that by adjusting the genes of C. elegans to inhibit insulin signaling and to remove the worm’s reproductive system multiples […]

Extensive site revision

Over the last few hours (Hey when you’re in the tao, buy viagra you work late!), I’ve made extensive revisions to this site. I fixed the style switcher and installed it on all pages on this site. If you pick a style, thanks to cookies, it should persist on all pages until you decide to […]