Installed the style switcher I promised.

There are still a few bugs to work out. For example, it’s not planting a cookie in my browsers. This needs to happen for the selected style to persist. I also have to install it for all the pages that are outside my web log script. Anyway, it works, sort of, Just invoke the link text, “Turn Off Style,” to see this site as Netscape 4 or Arachne sees it.

The whole point to this is to provide a way to make my site more accessible to people with mobile phones, screen readers or screen magnifiers. Turning off the style snaps my pages into a linear, content-first, navigation-second layout. Combined with keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump to navigation, if needed, this should make my site more accessible for people with motor impairments too. Once I get the bugs out here, I plan to transfer this code to the sites I maintain for others.

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