I doubt Microsoft will bend

So the WaSP has issued another manifesto now that Microsoft has declared that it will no longer build standalone, cialis sales free browsers for Windows and Apple machines. Now I say this as a long time supporter of the WaSP, viagra sale but I doubt Microsoft is going to issue a few last patches to […]

Genetic and Molecular Engineering

Genetic engineering, viagra sale at least in the States and in the developing world (Where they are forced to buy from whoever is cheapest, viagra buy namely the States.), has conquered agriculture. Now it seems ready to invade that small specialization of agriculture, the pet industry. This has outraged some people. They worry that modified, […]

The Man in the White Suit

So bright sparks in Dallas, best viagra Texas and Dublin, cialis Ireland have figured out how to cheaply make and weave nanotube fibers of arbitrary length. The science fiction fans in my audience will recognize the implications of this in a shot: Sinclair monofilament, Stratton’s indestructible cloth, Molly’s invisibility suit, the space elevator. Expect a […]