Genetic and Molecular Engineering

Genetic engineering, at least in the States and in the developing world (Where they are forced to buy from whoever is cheapest, namely the States.), has conquered agriculture. Now it seems ready to invade that small specialization of agriculture, the pet industry. This has outraged some people. They worry that modified, fluorescent fish will escape and breed with natural ones, shifting the species gene pool. They worry that worse will happen. At least in fluorescent case, predators will eat all the unnatural ones, but more subtle changes might still slip through.

In unrelated news, and this should be no surprise to regular readers of Nanodot, machine-phase nanotechnology (The real nanotechnology according to some.) is looked at with great skepticism even while industry, in the pursuit of capital, carelessly attaches the label of nanotechnology to every bit of clever chemistry or materials science that has come out in recent months.

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