Web comics

Some interesting science fiction web comics I came across recently: Bohemian Drive: In a post-human future, viagra two obsolete robots go on a road trip through the Solar System. Hijinks and soul searching ensue. The Spiders: In an alternate history, best viagra President Gore’s Department of Defense wages war in Afghanistan. Mind control weapons and […]

Web stuff link roundup

This is another one of these lab-notebook, viagra thinking-out-loud entries. So it’s been a while since I had a rant about Web standards. I think this is for a few reasons: It looked to me that we standardistas had won and this obsession of mine was getting boring. For a while , new things weren’t […]

Three Futuristic Questions

So, cialis generic about a week ago, discount viagra Jamais Casico put up a page where he asked the following three questions: What do you fear we’ll likely see in fifteen years? What do you hope we’ll likely see in fifteen years? What do you think you’ll be doing in fifteen years? Here are my […]

Nuclear-powered Airships

So I had an interesting discussion with Ms. Carlysle last Tuesday. Over the last year, viagra generic she has been trying, generic cialis with some success, to temper my knee jerk debunkery. She posited about military experimentation with nuclear powered, stealthy, airships as an explanation of some recent UFO sightings. Various governments and military establishments […]