Web stuff link roundup

This is another one of these lab-notebook, thinking-out-loud entries.

So it’s been a while since I had a rant about Web standards. I think this is for a few reasons:

  • It looked to me that we standardistas had won and this obsession of mine was getting boring. For a while , new things weren’t happening fast enough in the field to keep my interest.
  • I was getting demoralized with my webmaster business. For all kinds of stupid and not so stupid reasons, it wasn’t making me money. I lost over 40,000 dollars over the last seven years trying to learn how to work for myself.
  • Since October 2006, I’ve been mostly focused on my new part-time job with NGT. I’ve been very busy as of late.

Anyway, my attention waned and wandered from this area of endeavor. But things never stand still. Tonight I’ve learned of Microsoft’s decision to kill FrontPage and start again with Expression. That’s old news to people hipper than me but, I’ve just learned of it because I wasn’t paying attention. Also I’ve learned about some new WYSIWYM, inline, web-form-based, editors that show promise to me. That being inadequately explained, here are the links:

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