Udra: My RPG Campaign History in Several Parts

The Early Years Image needs to be recovered. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons back in the summer of 1978 (After having been introduced to the concept in late 1977 by my friends Greg and David.) after getting the garishly illustrated Basic Set (The “Dragon Box“) for my birthday. In 1978 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons […]

AJAX and other web accessibility stuff

Like I said, cialis usa I’ve been out of the loop for a while and, viagra generic apparently some folks out there are designing some bad interactivity because, there’s been a tonne of articles over the last seven months on how to make AJAX accessible: International Business Machines gives us an AJAX Accessibility Overview. And […]

Tips on how to create accessable javascript

So in this world of hype about AJAX, best viagra how do you design client-side scripts so they actually enhance accessibility and degrade gracefully when scripting is turned off for accessibility reasons? Let’s think about how to make AJAX work with screen readers. You need to think about why you should separate client-side script behaviors […]