The Neverending Battle Against Bloatware

Spent all of last night and early morning making revisions to my test installation of MT3.2. Made good progress. Going to see Superman Returns later today, which sort of suggested this entry’s title. This entry is really a test to see if my comment forms work properly. I’ll delete the test comments later but keep this entry for historical completeness.

So where have I been these last 8 months? I’ve trying to get my settings, adjustments and data ready for the upgrade to MT3.2. Or, more accurately, I’ve fooling around and putting off the work needed for the upgrade. But I’m mostly finished now. All I have to wait for is to confer with the bakafish to see what else I need to do to move to the new CMS.

Anyway what is the bloatware I’m referring to? None other than Acrobat Reader 7. Acrobat Reader 5 was just fine. In version 6 and later, Adobe, taking a page from Microsoft, started adding all this “phone home, auto-upgrade, terminate and stay resident, digital rights management” nonsense. Really slows down my older hardware’s boot sequence.

So after a bit of searching, I found that Adobe still provides and supports version 5 of Acrobat Reader for Windows. Adobe makes this file hard to find, hoping that people will just give up and take their latest bloatware. But in truth, version five is half the size, twice as fast and can open more than 95% of the Acrobat documents out there. Anything that refuses to open in version 5 probably isn’t worth your time anyway.

Being a firm believer in deep linking, I provide this link directly to the installation program for Acrobat Reader 5.

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  1. Superman sucks! Even though I went and saw it on a massive Imax screen with Three-D sequences, this is yet another example of why Jack and Stan’s glory days at Marvel outshined anything that DC could produce (until of course Jack went over to the other side)… ok I guess they intended that it be sappy and sentimental, but really… and is there no way that the combined brains of Hollywood can come up with anything other than the old Green stuff to mess with Supes… even Kevin Spacey was dissapointing. (I will admit that the scene catching the plane looked cool in 3D) But really I thought the best part of the film was the soundtrack which John Williams composed 25 years ago. Ugggh.
    (the New Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the other hand totally rocks)

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