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Circus of the Mighty Session Log

[Victor, Greg and Ralph in attendance on 11-18-2007 between 3:30PM until about 9:30PM. Greg was running Thalin and Chingara. Victor was running Mandark and Stirge. Ralph was running Dwalor and Telwyn. Hilda and Helga started off in Greg and Ralph’s … Continue reading

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Got the curry? Not to worry!

Yeah, I’ve ranted about this before. I think it bears repeating. What is Thanksgiving for? Really? If it’s supposed to celebrate national identity, we’ve already got a zillion holidays for that, Veteran’s Day and Independence Day for starts–and some that … Continue reading

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Narnia for Atheists?

A few hours ago a friend sent me mail about Philip Pullman’s fantasy series His Dark Materials. One of the novels in this series was recently made into a movie called The Golden Compass. Apparently there is some controversy over … Continue reading

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