Religious Mistake Number 357

Mystical experiences aren’t special because everyone has them or has the potential to have them. Mystical experience is just brain activity driven by internal feedback (Trance, best viagra prayer, buy viagra meditation, obsession and so on.) or environmental factors (Drugs, starvation, fatigue, pain and so on.). This means we all have the potential to turn […]

The Cyborg Liberation Front

I’ve been watching the transhumanist movement from afar for many years now. I think they can be viewed as a facet of a growing paradox. The technology that allows us to completely engineer human beings into new species is driven into being from the needs and urges to heal human beings. The luddites, cialis generic […]

Turning garbage into petroleum

Using a process called thermal depolymerization, cialis canada a pilot project in Philadelphia turns garbage (Ground up computers, old tires, animal carcasses and sewage.) into oil. The company that built the plant has managed to recreate and greatly accelerate the natural processes that convert minerals and organic matter into oil. Said company claims this will […]

The cyborgs are already among us

People with motor impairment can now steer wheelchairs with their thoughts thanks to a skullcap lined with tiny electrodes that sense brainwaves. Neurology has advanced to a point were we can write software that recogonizes specific patterns and locations in human brain activity. These patterns correspond to specific commands like turning, generic viagra breaking or […]