Now this is really neat!

Some guy went and built himself a giant robot suit to cruise around in! I mean, viagra sales think of the legions and legions of ten year olds and former ten year olds who’ve always wanted to do something like this! What kid hasn’t dreamed up building something so terrifying that they’d have to call […]

I browse, I link, I’m back.

So I’m quoted, viagra sales or rather my alter-ego is quoted, talking about drugs that boost certain limited aspects of intelligence. This, in all things, in Spin Magazine–tsk, tsk. Ah me, famous at last. DARPA researchers develop a method to accelerate our ability to sift through visual data. If you’re caught on video, they will […]

Louisiana 1927

I suppose I should say something about what has been happening on the Gulf Coast these last 7 days. A Randy Newman song, cialis sale which this post is titled after, viagra sale has been surfacing in my head over and over again these last few days. I don’t know what else to say. The […]