Just made major revisions to Greymatter

Things seem to be working normally now except one of the client-side editing tools has broken. Considering all that I’ve done, best cialis this is surprisingly good news. Things I’ve changed: Fixed the URL strings of the Karma function so that they parse as kosher markup in W3C validators Removed most of the presentational markup […]

Is there really an electricity shortage?

They are now thinking about using something like packet-switching for the North American power grid to improve the efficiency of electrical distribution. Peter Fairley is a good journalist because he, generic viagra in addition to talking about the new switching technology, also examines some of the unexpected consequences of deregulation in the Nineties. Hope that […]

A very inspirational day of browsing the Web

Found a lot of good sites on Mozilla’s implementation of the DOM. Something, viagra with lots of good examples, that was very hard for me to find a few months ago. Now, after nearly a year’s procrastination, I can finally start giving real examples of accessible DHTML that is DOM complient. I found other interesting […]