Just made major revisions to Greymatter

Things seem to be working normally now except one of the client-side editing tools has broken. Considering all that I’ve done, this is surprisingly good news.

Things I’ve changed:

  • Fixed the URL strings of the Karma function so that they parse as kosher markup in W3C validators
  • Removed most of the presentational markup in the Greymatter forms. A needlessly nitpicking change for sure, but it makes the script easier for me to read. I knocked off more than 60 KB this way. It makes the script easier to upload and probably makes it run faster too.
  • Increased the functionality of the JavaScript used in the editing function
  • Made certain that all markup that is generated is lowercase.

Things planned in future:

  • More encapsulation and modularization. For example, putting all the JavaScript in separate files referenced from Greymatter.
  • Tightening security.
  • Correcting other minor markup errors generated. For example the use of ” instead of ".
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