The Unexpected Intersectionality of The Who

It’s so hard to get a diverse bunch of people to make common cause. Especially when there is a tiny elite (Some of which aren’t flesh and blood human beings even if legally they they are.) with huge amounts of wealth and political power working very, very widely and very, very subtly to keep us all divided, diverted and unable to change the status quo.

And even when we do get together and fix something, human nature being what it is, soon we all forget, fall to diversion and arguing and the whole process starts all over again. And all solutions go out of date eventually. The world never stands still.

This is what Orwell was talking about when he said, “If there is hope, it lies in the proles.” This is what Billy Bragg was singing about when he wrote “Great Leap Forward.” Maybe this will never go away as long as we’re human.

So, in waiting for an enlightenment that will never come, I listen to some of the unexpected and deeply stirring intersectionality of dinosaur pop:

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