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Refurbishing this site

Okay–anyone who’s bothered to read through the all the entries here at Farlops Industries has probably noticed several nagging doubts that have been gnawing at me for the last few years. Greymatter’s progress has fallen far behind most of the … Continue reading

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Atheism is not for everybody

I think it takes a certain level of sophistication and maturity to be an atheist, a willingness to accept that meaning and purpose are entirely artificial, to take responsibility for the consequences of inventing meaning and purpose, a braveness to … Continue reading

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Old clunky hardware

You know the hardware is old and broken when you can’t even get it install Linux. Yes, I have kernal boot floppies around but these old laptops either don’t have a floppy, the BIOS won’t support boot from CD or … Continue reading

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Advertising in Software Games

I saw Episode III of Star Wars last Thursday. It was so-so, or at least the best of a bad lot but, here is the interesting thing that occurred to me: there was no way to have “prominent product placement” … Continue reading

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Time wasted on vitalism

Living things are complex machines. The mind is a process that occurs with the machine of the brain. There is no magical life substance or mind substance. There is no division between life and death, mind and mindlessness. It’s all … Continue reading

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It's weird to see things revive

Now I’m truly old. I’ve lived to see punk and thrash return to the station formerly known as KCMU. I guess the kids think it’s hip to be angry again. I’m glad! I was getting completely, aardvarkly sick of the … Continue reading

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