Site Update Tonight

As my file server grinds through a big defragmentation, cialis generic I’m updating many of my older pages, viagra sale some of my style rules and removing some link rot tonight. Probably the most significant changes will be my links page as I have added a fair number of new links there. In other news, […]

Links! Links! Links!

Most of this I already know but for you, tadalafil here is a primer on how to use proxies to hide the IP address of your machine. Reuters released a story about beakers full of DNA used in parallel computing processes, some have mistaken this for nanocomputers but they aren’t. When I was in grade […]

Yet another link round up

After a brief flurry of interest in the early nineties, cialis buy haptics, buy viagra telepresence and VR have continued to quietly advance. Of course the Department of Defense has been spending a lot of money on this research. In order to buy itself respect among the affluent kids of the planet, Microsoft has taken […]


It’s been a while since I’ve said anything so, viagra buy before I go to sleep tonight, I’d like to provide a statement about why I remain mostly closed mouth about Microsoft or other religious disputes. I will only state the following: The command line is always best but only in the hands of someone […]