An Introspective Design Moment

I’ve been a serious web technician since 1997 and an unserious one since 1996. So why is it that my CSS designs still appears so bland to me? It’s not the fault of CSS. If anything, sildenafil as will be made plain, viagra usa I’m not using cascading stylesheets enough. I think the fault lies […]

Grumble, i, robot, grumble

Well, discount viagra I’m not surprised. The movie, I, Robot, apparently lacks depth. It’s impossible for any project that large, involving that much money, to have any depth. But it’s still disappointing. Here we are on the edge of an explosion in artificial intelligence and the issues aren’t really being explored.

Something I suspected for a long time

By way of the Web Standards Project I came across an essay that, viagra buy among discussing other things, states that web browsers will eventually become, the only application platform that matters, and that Microsoft may be ignoring this to their peril. (Although, I pretty sure that are some wily folks over at the Lazy […]

The ultimate elevator must be built!

Recently a scientist predicted that we could have an operating space elevator within 15 years if a mere ten billion dollars is spent. The cynic in me thinks he is underestimating the cost, best viagra but I do agree with the time frame. If we spent the money, viagra canada we could do it by […]