An Introspective Design Moment

I’ve been a serious web technician since 1997 and an unserious one since 1996. So why is it that my CSS designs still appears so bland to me? It’s not the fault of CSS. If anything, as will be made plain, I’m not using cascading stylesheets enough.

I think the fault lies in two things:

  1. I don’t use enough divs and spans.
  2. I don’t use enough images

With generic containers like divs and spans I could engage more intricate position and background color schemes. With more divs and spans I could place more images as backgrounds or use a variation of Fahrner’s image replacement.

This could be problematic though. It would slow my page serving as images loaded and having all those divs and spans dilutes the semantic markup, even if I name them with classes and ids that have semantic meaning.

The other thing is I am not very practiced in the finer arts. I haven’t done much branding or logo design. This is something I have to work more on.

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