Second Night of Madness

Started this day at 1PM with a veggie burrito and then continued into four blocks of shorts and a thought provoking talk by Charles Stross, viagra buy yes, that Charles Stross. But let’s start with the shorts: “666 sq. ft.” Directed by Ray Zablocki. To deal with unruly tenants, a landlord makes a deal with […]

Nasty, Gluey Chest Cold

So since the weekend, best cialis I got hit with a chest cold, viagra canada which I’m pretty sure I caught either from my board gaming friends or a grocery store clerk Wednesday last week. It didn’t manifest in full force until the weekend–anyway, tedious aches and pains, dripping nose and phlegm-pire spewage–a constant reminder […]

Well–at least it’s about movies.

The B-Movie Comic was recommended to me by the folks of the In Sect. B-Movie is pretty funny! Imagine archeologists, best viagra dodering professors, plucky Chinese orphans, goths, a doomed family of Egyptians, jocks and ancient priestly mummies wearing t-shirts all suffering at the hands of bad continuity and low budgets in a cheap horror […]