A few months ago I rented Primer on DVD. Primer is deeply elusive movie about time travel. More exactly, it’s a story about what would happen if someone really invented a time travel device. I suppose some people may find it little frustrating but, I liked it. The acting is understated and restrained and that only serves to make everything more realistic–sort of reminded me of Kubrick’s stuff. It’s a low budget, film schoolish project but it’s a heckuva lot more original a lot of the dreck Hollywood is passing out these days.

I think Primer is a movie designed to really take advantage of the DVD concept because the plot is so utterly nonlinear. I watched again and again, trying to figure out what really happened. It’s deliberately evasive about time travel and, so far, I can see how the movie could resolve in several ways. It’s actually one of those flicks I would really want to buy the DVD of, not because of audio commentary or extra footage or other such frippery, but to see it again and again and try to figure out the movie itself.

Mr. F says check it out!

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