Not finished but it is mostly stable

So I’ve got the blog script mostly tuned. There still a zillion little details I will have to correct over the coming days:

  • Getting my old static pages, navigation to comply with the new navigation.
  • Getting my old blog pages to look and work as similarly as possible to my new blog pages. So aside from the URL, no one really notices that they are hopping from the old regime to the new.
  • I’ve decided to leave my old blog posts in their old locations. This means no links to me will break. But I’ll have to figure out some tricky way to get my new search tool to search the old posts–or heck–even my whole site.
  • Building a new stylesheet. This might require some new divisions and identities in the markup.
  • Adding a better editor in the administrative and comment forms.

Aside from these, everything more or less works. I’ve got trackback, though I wonder what the utility of this is. I’ve got syndication in a number of XML feeds, atom, RSS and others. I’ve got sophisticated e-mail functionality–ah! It feels good to get on to some modern technology! (Although, if the Fish would let me, I’d probably do all this in python or ruby.)

Expect a non-webbish post in the next few hours.

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