A very inspirational day of browsing the Web

Found a lot of good sites on Mozilla’s implementation of the DOM. Something, with lots of good examples, that was very hard for me to find a few months ago.

Now, after nearly a year’s procrastination, I can finally start giving real examples of accessible DHTML that is DOM complient.

I found other interesting stuff too which caused me to revise one of my earlier entries about site icons.

And I’ve thought of a few things I need to tweak Greymatter so that it generates XHTML compliant markup.

Much to do. Much to do.

But first spaghetti, then sleep, then work.

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3 Responses to A very inspirational day of browsing the Web

  1. Donimo says:

    I recently attempted to clean up Greymatter so that it would generate XHTML compliant code for Web Nouveau.
    Everything that needed to change resides in the templates. No need to fiddle with the Perl, I found.
    The templates were writen pretty sloppy, but the clean-up is easy.

  2. Pace Arko says:

    Yes, good point Don, and I was going to do that.
    However I was really refering to the little JavaScript editing commands in the entry form. They insert the tags in uppercase and, I’ve been meaning for some time to improve them and add more functionality anyway.
    I also wanted to tweak the URLs the karma feature generates as they contain ampersands. Currently I don’t use the karma feature but, if I ever did, I’d want it to be compliant.
    Also I’d like to do validating and behind-the-scenes parsing of the visitor comment forms to make certain they output kosher markup.
    By the way Don, I have to say that your list of sites free of layout tables was very helpful to me. On it I found some sites with good documentation on Mozilla’s DOM implementation. Thanks!

  3. Donimo says:

    Ah, ha! Well, I wasn’t aware of those little deamoms.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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