In case we forget

Today is the sixtieth anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons on Japan in World War II. Rather than go into the justification or lack of justification for those events, best viagra I’d rather point to the fact that there are still about 20,000 of these weapons in the world today. And just remind us […]

A wide ranging set of links

By way of Stephen’s Web comes Quality Tips for Webmasters, viagra sales a short list of simple yet powerful ways to improve your site accessibility, generic viagra usability and ease of maintenance. Neat, energy efficient gadgets (by way of Metafilter.) From the starving, yet well nourished, mice department: research may have isolated the molecular link […]

Smalley Speaks, Roman Geeks and Safari Peeks

In nanotech news, buy viagra Drexler and Smalley throw down some fearsome science as they debate the validity of mechanosynthesis. In my opinion, viagra generic Drexler won it. Christie’s actions off an ancient Roman twenty sider. Let’s see–they had pewter for figs, they could have had hex maps–hmmm–Did Dave Arneson and Gary Gagax really invent […]