Yawn, yet another manifesto

If I had a 100 dollars for every rant I’ve seen on the Internet condemning that same network, I’d be a rich man. Yes, the Internet is full of shit. Yawn. Tell us something we don’t know already. Sturgeon said that 90% of everything is crap. This is hardly news.

And I’ve been just as snobby about this stuff as anyone, I assure you. Everything was better back then, before the dirty masses came in and dumbed everything down. It’s ironic that these statements are made right after these media are democritized and made widely accessible to people. They always smack of elitism.

But let me tell you folks something, and this is something that I said way back in 1996 when I first started working on the Internet, and I say this even now, even after the truly deserved dot-com crash, the Internet serves one key function: It provides me with a job.

It gave me my first decent, pride-instilling job. Before the Internet, I was tending rats and mice for a biological research supply company so, the Internet is a-okay in my book.

By the way, let me tell you what’s annoying: A web site that forces me to page through its stunning revelation, thinking that each point will somehow register more strongly with me if I see it in stark, moody isolation. Put it all one page, dude. Scrolling is not evil despite what Jake says. And you spelled Terabyte wrong.

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