I know it's bloody pointless

So I have just spidered my site and, oh man, I have a lot of dead links. One of the drawbacks to using your web log as a hot link list is that a lot of stuff dies or gets lost as the web shifts around. It was especially brutal to remove all the New York Times and Technology Review links. I have to massively edit my old content just remove those links and still have entries make sense.

So I’ve learned some lessons:

  1. Don’t link to the NYT or TechReview ever again. Actually I stopped doing this months ago when they started forcing us to register to see old content. Stupid. Old media is stupid. I’d figure since TechReview is a magazine from MIT, they’d be smarter than this but oh well.
  2. Stop using my log as a link lister. It’s boring and these links can be found on zillions of other web logs.
  3. Put more of my own content on my own site
  4. Only link to things that are at the domain level. Sites may reorganize constantly but hopefully the big domains won’t disappear.
  5. Spider my site more often to reduce the load of removing or changing dead links.
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