We are in the XXI century!

So I am writing code at 4 in the morning, listening to KEXP (which I’ve already mentioned and linked to elsewhere in my site. Go look for it Sam!), and I hear something that makes absolutely plain that the XXI century is upon me: I hear an MC mention nanotechnology in his rant. Nanotech in rap. Can you get any more futuristic than that? Anyway the artist is EL-P and the mention is in “Accidents Don’t Happen” on the album Fantastic Damage.

Anyway this is the reason why I prefer listening to KEXP early in the morning: they stop doing the heavy rotation of the whiny white guy music that passes for “independent music” these days, they play stuff with cuss words in it and play stuff that really is obscure. Sigh, even on small “hip” stations they still do boring rotation. I’m an old geezer who misses the speed and anger of punk. I am sick to death of Camper Van Beethoven clones!

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